Green Home Insulation are passionate about helping communities throughout the UK to become as energy efficient as possible. Reducing energy bills, keeping homes warmer and all whilst helping to play our part in meeting government targets to reduce carbon emissions.

We are building a reputation for quality and service across all our client base, which include;

Our highly skilled installation contractors are overseen by a management team with extensive industry experience with a commitment to excellence on every project. We use only the highest quality products and installation processes which enables us to offer 25 year guarantees for all our work.

All our employees, contractors and clients collaborate effectively to ensure that we can maintain the highest possible standards. Recognising that we have a moral responsibility to help eradicate fuel poverty, contribute to the UK’s carbon reduction targets and to make a positive impact in every community in which we work.

Our Values

Our company is built upon our core beliefs and our commitment to these fundamentals has allowed us to build more than just a business. We are a team, a family that serves communities across the UK delivering warmer homes and helping reduce heating costs along the way.


Reducing energy bills, keeping homes warmer and all whilst helping to play our part in meeting Government targets to reduce carbon emissions.

Matilda’s Blanket

Matilda’s Blanket is our unique solution for properties requiring Internal Wall Insulation. A six part laminate, which includes 50mm of PIR, 3 Vapour controlled membranes and front panel of Rigidur board that is 22 times stronger than plasterboard and has a 70kg hanging resistance.

It gives you all the benefits of Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) …..

  • Predictable year round installation,

  • Improved EPC Rating

  • Energy Bills Reduced By 30-40%

  • >3,000 Successful Installations

  • Increase The Value Of Your Home By Up To 12%

  • Helping Homes Meet The “Decent Homes Standard”

  • Acoustic Insulation Performance: 46db

  • 25-Year Guarantee

  • Custom designed for each home

  • Custom designed for each home

  • Thermal performance: U-Values of 0.28

  • Lower carbon emissions

  • Fast Installation: Most properties completed with 7 days

  • 70kg Hanging Resistance

………………..but none of the mess.

When installed, the system is ready for decoration and requires no wet trades.

Our process minimises the distruption to the tenant or homeowner, who can remain in their home throughout installation.

Matilda’s Blanket comes as an entire ‘House Set’ solution.  All the components required to install in a room
are supplied as one kit:

  • Matilda’s Blankets

  • Rails

  • Dampers

  • Window Reveals

  • Wall Membrane

  • Insulation for bottom and end fills

  • Adhesive for panels

  • Joint Filler

  • Sealant

Because every room is unique, we price each property separately, accounting for Bay Windows, Sloping Ceilings, Mansard Roofs & Utility Boxes mounted on the wall etc..


“Our house is on a busy road with a tramline right in front. I got my first full night’s sleep in years because the sound insulation is so good.”

Mrs T. – Manchester

“Matilda’s Blanket is a great product, the feedback from residents has been nothing short of overwhelming in the difference it has made to their lives, and for me this is about us all working as a team on the most rewarding project I have been involved with.”

Alan Meaker – Kingston upon Thames Council

“I would definitely recommend Matilda’s Blanket to other organisations who are seeking to address energy efficiency in their housing.”

Parul Shah – Ealing Council

Why choose Matilda’s Blanket?

Energy Bills Reduced By
Successful Installations
Year Guarantee
Thermal U-Value

How Does The Blanket Work?